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The Pilgrim Foundation

The Pilgrim Foundation was founded by Edgar B. Davis, a native of Brockton, Massachusetts who made his fortune in the rubber and oil industries.

What We Do

Bridgewater State University Student receiving scholarship from the Pilgrim Foundation fro

Scholarship Program

To respond to the financial needs of young Brockton residents seeking higher education, The Pilgrim Foundation Scholarship Program was inaugurated in 1960.

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Support Us

 For nearly 100 years the Pilgrim Foundation has been able to support the community during every major crisis.


The Founder

Edgar B. Davis

After completing two years at Brockton High School, Davis left formal schooling and began an education in business.  He joined the Charles E. Eaton Company as a bookkeeper and left as Treasurer and stockholder.  During his travels, Davis became fascinated with the rubber plantations in Ceylon and foresaw an increasing demand for rubber tires in the growing automobile industry.  Davis received a grant from the United States Rubber Company to establish and manage new plantations.  Upon his retirement from the company as Director, Davis received almost two million dollars, most of which he distributed to others from company executives to bellboys and maids in the hotel in which he lived.  Davis later worked and invested in oil fields near Luling, Texas which he sold to Magnolia Petroleum Company for more than twelve million dollars.


Grant Recipients

To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others

Your donation will go directly to positively changing the lives of the young residents of Brockton.

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